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Spamcop spam is forged

On Sep 25th, spam was sent indicating that SpamCop is in a partnership with those sending the mail. This could not be farther from the truth. The many people involved with SpamCop work tirelessly to fight spam.

Starting appoximately 12 noon EST 06 Aug 2002, and cointinuing again Aug 12th and Sep 7th, spam purporting to be from spamcop.net/julianhaight.com began being sent in an attempt to 'get spamcop in trouble'. This is a standard spammer tactic (joe job).

These messages were not sent by spamcop, and the claims made in them are false. Please disregard the email and/or block the originating IP address -

Please do not block mail from julianhaight.com or spamcop.net. If you cannot block by IP address, it is safe to block the origin email addresses, ( 'spam.reporting@reports.spamcop.net', 'abuse@julianhaight.com', 'webmaster@julianhaight.com', 'webmaster@spamcop.net', 'abuse@spamcop.net', 'jkdom@mail.julianhaight.com', 'joker-com@julianhaight.com') as no legitimate mail should be sent from these.

If you would like to contact someone at spamcop about this, you can send email to deputies@admin.spamcop.net. But please refrain from doing so. We are aware of the problem, and we are doing what we can to limit the damage. Unfortunately, since we're not responsible for sending it, there is little we can do to stop it.

- SpamCop mgmt.