Filmer V2.0 - A program for creating fractal animation

Filmer in action

Download (68K) - Requires JDK or JRE

Screen shot


DOS Version 1.12

Please feel free to use this animation, but host it on your own server and give me proper credit.

Filmer is a front-end program for Fractint that generates amazing fractal animation. Fractint is a program for calculating still fractal images (you need Fractint installed to use Filmer). Filmer uses Fractint parameter (.par) files to specify the coordinates and other parameters of a fractal. It then calculates the intermediate frames and calls Fractint to make a continuous animation. Filmer also has many options for pallete rotation and generation.

New Version!
Well, I finally decided to get off my butt and write a new version of Filmer. Almost all my planed improvements went into this one.

New Features:

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Anybody have a favorite animator for Unix? Something for .mpeg? Let me know and I'll link to them from here.