Useful Software I have written


Police man cleaning up a mess - the forbidden logo

Created in 1998, I'm proud to say this product is still alive after all these years and honored that there are those willing to support it who aren't me.

Get rid of unsolicited email at the source. Use this system to notify the correct network administrator of email abuse.

Or use the dnsbl to block email from recently reported sources of abuse.

Syndicoin is another defunct project that aimed to make the bitcoin blockchain more efficient while enabling easy tipping features without an intermediary.

The website is still alive and the features mostly work, but the back-end and third party APIs are out of date, so the invoice page and actual crypto payments are broken.

I may revisit this if there is interest - maybe adapting it for a cryptocurrency where on-chain transactions can be used for small amounts (doge, bch, avax?). The real product here is the easy UI. - collaborative mail filter

Quorum is (was - it has been shut down) a colaborative mail filter. It was meant to be SpamCop version 2, but never gained traction. It's key features:

  • Individual configuration for each subscriber to customize their filter preferences.
  • Clear results - messages are either accepted by the receiver or a trackable reject message is returned to the sender.


WebAgent screen snapshot

WebAgent will check your favorite web pages for updates and sound an alarm when they change. WebAgent is a Java Applet which uses a proxy on this server to contact other network hosts - normally prohibited for security reasons.

Send Secure (Perl source code)

Send Secure is a perl script which, when combined with PGP and an SSL webserver, can provide end-to-end encrypted message sending via a web-form.

It's rather basic, and requires tailoring for your application. If you generalize it, please submit your changes.

Julianster music sharing system (Live demo with perl source code)

Julianster is a script to play mp3s from a webserver. Now includes an HTML5 in-browser music player.

Salter - Flak for your spamflow (Perl source code)

Salter is a basic single-threaded SMTP proxy which talks on a configurable source and destination IP and port. The twist is that it alters the data it passes. In the "MAIL FROM" (return path) and headers, it converts your email address (or just a placeholder address - into a random code (a new, salted address under your domain). For instance, you could configure your email software to send mail as and salter will convert your emails so that all your recipients see addresses that look like: You of course still have to manage the mail that comes to ''. You must be able to disable email addresses selectively on your domain. It is suggested that you use a sub-domain for the salty area, lest you permanently poison your primary domain.

Filtermail - Filter IMAP folders

A simple imap mail filtering utility. Used in conjunction with salter, it can filter out misdirected bounces.

Mail Manager - Add-on for *nix/sendmail systems to limit mail flow from bad actors. No sendmail configuration or code changes required. This script reads a sendmail log file in real time and uses command-line firewall configuration tools to block the hosts who exceed customizable rate-limits or cause certain errors.

HTTP Manager - Mail manager's sister. This script is a variant tailored to finding denial of service attacks and other bad behavior automatically and then filtering them. I guess the mis-used term for this is "intrusion detection." There really isn't any intrusion, these are just annoyance attacks.

Bait - A small perl cgi script which generates a string which encodes the IP address and timestamp of the request. Can be used to generate spam-bait addresses which contain information about the harvesting robot.

ripdvd - Another perl script. This one automates the process of ripping and transcoding a DVD. There are other scripts that do this, but none of them seemed to work that well - when I tried them some time ago. So I rolled my own. Let me know if you have others you like better and I will give them a shot.