Filmer V1.12

Filmer for DOS (247K)
Filmer in action PREVIEW:

Just the

- A program for creating fractal movies -

NEW VERSION 2 Version 1.12 is out of date, and should be used only if you can't use the newer, Java version.

This program written by David Mansfield and Julian Haight. Please let us know what you think, or if you have any problems.

NOTE:This version is incompatible with the later versions of Fractint by default. It requires the CORNERS syntax in the .PAR file. You can force the new version of fractint to use this syntax, but by default it uses the CENTER/MAG notation.

In the works is a Java program. Hopefully, it will be compatible with the new version of fractint as well as both the Windows and Unix implementations of Fractint. For more fractal info, be sure to check out Noel Giffin's Fractint Homepage.

For years, we have been playing with Fractint. We think it's one of the only truly well written programs 'on the market' today. Better still, it's free. Thanks to all the programmers that work on it.

Our program generates a series of frames, using Fractint, and then puts them together into a movie (FLI format). The DTAX program is shareware and not written by us. It is the program responsible for putting all the .GIFs into .FLI format.