Fun Programs


A javascript port of an old dos program written to demonstrate the (then new) huge color palette of the VGA graphics card.


Filmer in Action!

Version 2.0 is written in Java. Featues graphical interface with film previews, status display and smart palette generation. Use Filmer with Fractint to make amazing fractal animation. Source code and old DOS version are available.

YIG version 2, ported to Elm + WebGL

Elm yig

Here is a new version of yig for a new millenium. My joke about the pentiums below is now doubly true - this version requires a video co-processor. Good thing those are standard now too.

Java YIG

Yigorama screen snapshot

The first program I saw like this was called YIG. It ran on an 8088 with CGA graphics. This version is better than any of the ones that I have seen because of the many colors it creates. However, it is also slower than any of the previous versions. Good thing we all have Pentiums now (smirk).